The history of creation

November 2012 28 November 2012 года № 1 commissioning of the Automated information system of state land cadastre into commercial operation.
May 2012 May 21, 2012 № 031.2012.А40 Certifying examination conducted on IP & quot; AIS SLC & quot ;. Certificate of conformity number 031.2012.020 Information System information security requirements and accepted on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan standards."
July 2005 Participation in the international seminar on the theme & laquo; Development of the State Land Cadastre of the region: prospects and challenges & raquo ;, presentation of Uzbek Land Register Information System (UZL) and the exchange of experiences achieved.Find out more.
February 2005 What has been done (the development, deployment, integration): 2003 - 2004. Prospects (short and long). Article RC Chief AIS SLC Altaeva JS & Laquo; GIS and land cadastre of Kazakhstan 2. Forever & raquo;?
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November 2003 The seminar on the practical training of specialists of regional subsidiaries of state enterprises skills installation and maintenance of software systems AIS SLC district levels.
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2003 Further development is underway.
Participation in international conferences (Anapa, Moscow, Golitsyno (Russia), San Diego (USA), Switzerland).
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August 2002 Start of work on the creation of the AIS SLC.
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